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Dream it, Build it with Magnetic Tiles 

Give your child an early headstart to education and STEM concepts with our magnetic tiles series.
Nurture your child's imagination with our toys. Start dreaming and building today! 

Trusted by School

Our toys are also purchased by teachers to be used in school as educational tools! 

100% Safe

Internationally certified to meet safety standards  


Your child can simply build anything he imagines 

Learn Science & Math Concepts  since young

Learn 3D Shapes and simple mathematical concepts through playing

Collection: Magnetic Tiles Collection

This series is special and different from Magwisdom as its tiles are translucent, allowing light rays to pass through when placed against sunlight or lamps, giving a translucent glow. Similar to all other series, Magnefun (Tiles) allow your child to put his/her creativity into good use, to build anything he/she imagine! From the tower your child sees, to the dinosaur your child imagines, and to the car track that he/she loves! Dream it, and build it!
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