About Us

We are the sole distributor of Magnefun & Magwidom in Singapore. Magnefun started off as a humble stall in a roadshow selling only one collection: Magnefun series in 2014. However, as time pass by, we realise that both parents and children enjoyed our magnetic product as it allows the children to build any sculpture they want, keeping them occupied for a long period of time.

Educators began to approach us at roadshows and wanting us to use our products as educational tool for their children, especially in the area of math and science. The support received from both parents and teachers motivated us to continue to pursue the path of educational toys, which marked our expansion. We began to carry more products that stimulate both creativity and logical thinking over the years and began to receive more support from our customers. Today, we are no longer just a roadside stall. We are now located in 5 different stores, and we have 2 roadshows every week. Customers may also choose to order online and get free delivery. To show our gratitude, we also promise lifetime warranty for our products. In the event of your magnet spoiling throughout the course of your usage, feel free to give us a call or text and we would give you 1 for 1 exchange for you magnet.  







Simply contact us at +65 94576839 or email us at jacelyn2003@hotmail.com for any enquiries